Refined white stucco, elaborate ironwork, elegant stone, and lush plant life combine to create an Old World oasis at Sofia in Margate. Step onto the beautiful veranda or dine in any one of the warm, cozy dining rooms and soak up the ambience. Sofia’s upscale casual atmosphere defines a niche all its own at the seashore. The Greco-Med cuisine features signature dishes like Shrimp Kataifi and Grilled Baby Octopus, giving way to succulent meat entrées. The star of the menu, of course, is perfectly grilled whole lavraki (branzino) fresh from the Mediterranean. It is customary in Greece to entertain friends and family with unwavering hospitality and long, lavish feasts. Accordingly, Sofia not only offers authentic cuisine, it also embodies timeless traditions.

Signature Dishes

Crabcakes Santorini
Pan-seared jumbo lump crab cakes, wild mushroom risotto, seasonal vegetables, and rémoulade sauce

Seafood Plaki
Jumbo prawns and Chilean sea bass baked in a terra cotta pot with feta cheese, kalamata olives, potatoes, and ouzo tomato sauce

Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops
Rice pilaf, horta greens, and pomegranate-thyme reduction

Pasta Sofia
Penne, wild mushrooms, grilled chicken breast, red peppers, spinach, and porcini cream