Saigon Harbor

Vietnamese cuisine is full of flavor and exotic ingredients and thats just what you will find here. Fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are plentiful in this style of cooking.

The Saigon Harbor restaurant is tucked away behind Applebee’s in a strip mall. The restaurant has a loyal crowd who crave flavor and authentic Vietnamese food. Try it today for yourself; once you’ve tried their great food you’ll never settle for anything less.

Signature Dishes

Chicken Curry
Sauteed chicken breast with bell pepper, lemon grass, coconut milk, vietnamese sauce, served sizzling

Beef with Mixed Vegetables
Sauteed sliced beef with mixed vegetables in light brown sauce served sizzling

Sauteed Shrimp & Pork
Shrimp, sliced pork sauteed with onions, scallions in vietnamese sauce, served sizzling

Seafood Clay Pot
Scallop, shrimp, squid, crab sticks, onions and scallions simmered in clay pot, served with rice