Hikaru is Philadelphia’s first sushi bar and is still widely regarded as having the best and most authentic Japanese cuisine in Philadelphia, since 1983! The first location (Society Hill) opened under the vision of Takashi Yoshida, who was born and grew up in Saitama, Japan. Before the openeing of the first location Takashi, or “Stash” as he is called by his regulars and friends, operated a seafood and produce wholesale business, taking with him a wealth of knowledge about all different foods & their purveyors. He still uses this knowledge today in preparing the exquisite menus for his two locations along with his Executive Chef from Tokyo, Masaaki Tsumita.

Together they maintain the forefront of authentic Japanese cooking in the Philadelphia area. Many sushi restaurants incorporate other cultures and tastes into their menu, but at Hikaru the diner is guaranteed to have an authentic Japanese dining experience.

Signature Dishes

Super Deluxe Nigiri
Uni, unagi, ucura, hamachi, salmon, tuna, white fish, and (6pcs) eel roll

Deluxe Nigiri
Tuna, shrimp, yellowtail, salmon, fluke, octopus, egg, chef choice 3pcs, tekka 6pcs, calif roll 3pcs

Dynamite Roll
Softshell crab tempura, cucumber, and scallion with spicy sauce 4 pcs

Hang On Salmon Roll
Asparagus and crab stick and mayonnaise. broiled salmon on the top 5 pcs