White Palace

*Card accepted for lunch

The White Palace Mediterranean cuisine is an authentic restaurant that offers flavorful Mediterranean cuisine. Dine with family and friends while enjoying the traditions of food, friendship and hospitality. In the spirit of our culture, our dishes are served family style and are meant to be shared.

Signature Dishes

Assorted stuffed vegetables with meat, rice and special spices. bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, rolled grape leaves

Beef Shawarma
Thinly sliced beef sirloin specially spiced and stacked on a vertical pit slowly rotisserie roasted

Rib Eye Steak
12 Oz. Black Angus charbroiled to your perfection, topped with sautéed mushrooms

Garlic Lamb Chops
4 pc very tender special cut trimmed & marinated with garlic sauce broiled to your perfection