Mezza Grille

The Owners, Managers and Staff of Mezza Mediterranean Grille invite you to experience the Mediterranean. Come share with us the culinary delights of the original Mediterranean Spice Trade Routes.

At our restaurant, you have the opportunity to enjoy the diverse delicacies of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and the Middle East. Whether you are sharing our world’s famous hummus, our nature’s freshest fruits in our Elixirs, or enjoying our succulent marinated lamb chops, our friendly staff is here to serve you.

Please join us for a variety of events. Whether you would like a nice night on the town, a banquet to celebrate an important occasion, or a “quick fix,” our staff is here to satisfy your palate with professional and magnificent service.

Our restaurant promises a delicious meal with meticulous attention to your every need and extensive knowledge of our menu. At Mezza Mediterranean Grille, we ensure you a memorable experience.

Again, welcome and enjoy your Mezza at our Mezza Mediterranean Grille

Signature Dishes

Lamb Chops
Marinated & chargrilled, lamb steaks on the bone that melt in your mouth

Turkish Grilled Kofta
Ground lamb or chicken blended with minced vegetables & spices, skewered & grilled to perfection.

Chicken Creme Chop
Thinly sliced chicken breast battered with Mediterranean herbs & spices

Duck a L’ Orange
Semi boneless duck braised with orange sauce