The Squeaky Bean

Welcome to The Squeaky Bean, a veritable feast for the senses. A little backstory: The Squeaky Bean first took root in 2009 in a charming storefront on 33rd and Tejon in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood. Working in a ridiculously small kitchen, Chef Max MacKissock began creating seriously good food and a loyal following was cultivated.

In 2012, we transplanted The Bean to the historic Saddlery Building in Lower Downtown. Now with a proper kitchen and a stunning bar and dining room, The Bean is all growed up. Max and his team continue to forge new culinary territory every day, crafting progressive seasonal cuisine that showcases ingredients at their peak. Flavor and presentation are always taken seriously, with room for plenty of playful inventiveness in each dish.

Signature Dishes

Seafood Salad
Clam, prawn, mussel, salmon, sea urchin pesto, sea beans, seaweed

Variations of carrot, citrus peanuts, kafir lime ice cream, potage de crecy

Pot au Pho
Short rib, meatball, tendon & tongue, glazed vegetables, bone marrow tater tot, broth

Eight Grain Risotto
Salsify, pomegranate, sorrel, queso de mano, fig leaf oil