The vision for Limón, Denver’s eclectic Latin American lounge, began during Chef Alex Gurevich’s trips to the Latin American region. Continually in awe of and impressed by the richness of the culture and cuisine, he envisioned a place in Denver where people could gather to experience the warmth and liveliness of Latin America. Limón’s space was built with this concept in mind.

It is rustic and inviting, comfortable and chic. Burgundy walls, exposed brick, wide plank wood floors and antique casks set an undeniably warm tone. The restaurant, bar/lounge, and patio offer distinctly different settings where guests can enjoy the food, the ambience and the energy that represent the Latin American lifestyle.

Limón is located in the revitalized uptown district of Denver and serves traditional Latin American cuisine. Chef Alex Gurevich presents novoandino cuisine, a method of cooking that blends various styles of preparation but uses fresh, authentic ingredients. The result is inspired food and drink that reflect the best of this popular Latin American fare.

Signature Dishes

Coconut & Chile Calamari (COCO CON CHILE CALAMARES)
Lightly corn dusted, lime aioli

Aji Amarillo, cucumbers, radish, onions, fresh lime juice

Crispy Duck Confit & Rice (ARROZ CON PATO)
Green peas, aji Amarillo, roasted peppers

Salmorejo, roasted peppers, cucumbers, dill