Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria – Boulder

Visit CUBA CUBA SANDWICHERIA in Boulder featuring authentic sandwiches such as the cubano, pan con bistec, & pan con lechon. In boulder we have added a few specialty items such as the Boulder Cuban, our veggie interpretation of the Cuban sandwich. You can also enjoy mojitos and sangria to make the experience just right.

Signature Dishes

BOULDER CUBAN veggie sandwich
Pressed sandwich with roasted seasonal veggies, tomatoes, jalapenos, goat cheese & greens on whole grain baguette

CUBANO the cuban sandwich
Pressed sandwich with roasted pork, ham, swiss, pickles & mustard on cuban bread

POLLO A LA PLANCHA chicken plate
All natural grilled chicken breast, sauteed onions & garlic mojo

PESCADO fish tempura plate
Fish tempura, veggie-citrus slaw & habanero aiolo