Cafe Brazil

Celebrating 20 years of service, Café Brazil, Northwest Denver’s little jewel—and a well-guarded secret of those who love good food, wine, and drink—marks the perfect combination of big, exotic flavor and intimate, unforgettable dining. Tony, Marla, and Mauricio have created a vibrant, colorful setting that complements their equally vibrant and colorful fare. Great wines from Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Portugal and exotic tropical juices add to the enjoyment of consistently outstanding food. You can also enjoy a fantastic selection of rums from around the world—best enjoyed in The Rum Room; adjacent to the main dining room, this is the perfect spot to unwind with a few small plates and a flight. Highlighting dishes from Bahia in Northern Brazil, as well as many specialties from the coast of Colombia, Café Brazil offers you the best of both land and sea, creating a marriage of freshness and flavor which can only be described as mouthwatering. Café Brazil brings South America to life in new and exciting ways that never cease to astound. Come check out new The Rum Room where you can join the staff for a flight of rums from around the world.

Signature Items

Frango de Tiago
Double chicken breasts served in a savory sauce of curry and coconut milk with dende oil, garlic, shallots, and chile pequin; finished with fresh coconut meat in a ring of herbed rice and vegetables

Cazuela Colombiana
A rich marriage of jumbo prawns and chicken breast simmered in a spicy herbed tomato broth with hints of coconut milk, cayenne pepper, grilled onion, and Gorgonzola; garnished with green onion, cucumber, and cilantro and served Colombian stew-style over rice

Xim Xim
A well-seasoned dish of chicken breast and jumbo prawns prepared with a sauce of fresh ginger, malaqueta pepper, juice of lemon and lime, cashews, and dende oil; served stew-style over rice with a garnish of toasted coconut

La Calena
Large prawns and sea scallops simmered in a sweet hot sauce of fresh diced tomato, mango, passionfruit, green onion, and cilantro; finished with Brazilian chiles and served with herbed rice and vegetables