There is a distinctive art between knowing the difference between a hotel restaurant and a restaurant that happens to be in a hotel. It is a difference that Sear not only astutely understands, but perpetually celebrates with chic style and world-class culinary skill. Located in the exquisite Atlanta Marriot Marquis, Sear’s fire-inspired venue, replete in rich, vibrant reds and deep, sumptuous brown hues, will envelop you in an unmistakable atmosphere that is equal parts romance, intrigue, and coolness. Executive Chef Alexander Busch has expertly crafted a menu that is in perfect concert with this sleek ambience, as Sear offers an exceptional array of dazzling American inspired cuisine, running the gamete from succulent fish to amazing steaks. And because of Sear’s exciting exhibition kitchen, all of its patrons have the envious opportunity to witness the magic behind the cuisine on a nightly basis, either from a distance or up close at one of their two chef’s tables.

Sear is also Atlanta’s premier spot to enjoy a lovely glass of wine, as they feature 140 different foreign and domestic labels contained in one of their five state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled wine vaults that stretch from floor to ceiling in spectacular fashion. Whether you enjoy delectable breakfast, a mouth-watering lunch, or a sumptuous dinner, a journey to Sear will be one that you will want to experience time and again, regardless of where you happen to be a guest or a resident of the city.

Signature Dishes

Low Country Barbeque Shrimp
With tasso ham over turnpike mills cheese

Baby Back Ribs
Slow smoked and finished on the grill with our signature barbeque sauce served with sweet potato fries

Bone-In Kansas City Strip
Our signature 18oz steak from Harris Ranch; naturally raised black angus beef

Spinache and Paprika Pasta
Sautéed English peas, baby portabello mushroom, campari tomatoes, creole vegetable broth and parmigiano-reggiano